Polyurethane (Fibreglass) Driveways

Many homeowners have a driveway. This is a fact and if you don’t have a driveway and own a car you have probably thought if it was possible to get one in your front garden before. There are a great many driveway options available to you:

  • Gravel – which just ends up getting kicked everywhere
  • Brick or block paving: this will over time suffer like all brick or block paving with weeds, dips, cracks, etc,
  • Tarmac or concrete – the best option so far, yet it tends to look boring!
    All your neighbours or anyone walking down the street will see is a sea of black or grey in the front garden
Fibreglass driveways Gravel Finishes
Choice of Finishes for your Driveway

Here we have another option for you to consider. There is product, which we have specialist training on how to use. It is called a polyurethane resin.

We simply mix the resin compound with a selection of aggregate for you to choose, then lay it down on your driveway like concrete. It will cure within 30 – 1 hour and there is your finished surface.
It will have the same durability and long lifetime as tarmac and may be the envy of your neighbours or it will just give you something nice to look at.