GRP Fibreglass Bay Window Roofs

Bay Window Roof Fibreglass GRP Bay Window Roofs are an area you certainly do not want a leak as the damage to the decor of your front room is not something most people would want to have to deal with!

If a bay window roof leaks for an extended period of time, decor will need to be replaced, internal walls may need to be replastered and damp/mouldy patches could be caused. Yet it is all to common with window bays roofs using felt!

How is Felt Roofing Constructed?

Felt is constructed using strips on top of hot bitumen, very similar to something called pitch. For those who are not geologists, pitch is a black glue-like substance left behind when coal tar is heated or distilled. It belongs to the same family of substances as asphalt or bitumen

Did you know the earliest recordings of someone using pitch was in the old testament!
In Genesis 6:14 – Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.

bay window roofs damageSo what improvements have we made to the felt industry since the old testament? Well unfortunately for us, the British weather is very similar to the flood in the days of Noah, also felt hasn’t improved much either in its application process since that strip-lay method creates seams, which are area’s of weakness.

These are the reasons why you see many felt roofs with multiple repairs and a very unpredictable lifespan. Not to mention “aesthetics” –  it looks terrible when its at that stage of life!

Solve the problem with a Fibreglass Bay Window Roof 

Fibreglass Bay Window RoofBasically its not a case of “If” a leak will happen but rather “When” a leak will happen!

The best way to avoid the severe damage that leaking bay window roofs can cause is to have a felt bay window roof replaced by a GRP or Fibreglass Bay Window Roof.

You’ll avoid repairs to plasterboard, ceilings and having to redecorate your entire room once the walls get ruined by leaks.

And the useful life of your Fibreglass Bay Window Roof will be enormously extended!

Unless you want to risk the damage that leaky felt roofs can cause, Contact Us for a Free Quote Today!