Fibreglass Ponds

Because of the water-proofing properties inherent in fibreglass, Fibreglass Ponds are an excellent choice for custom-built pond construction, together with waterfalls and streams. All of these are possible with a fibreglass structure and a wide choice of colours is available.

Fibreglass Ponds Garden We tailor-make specialist fibreglass ponds. When preparing the pond we make sure to lay 2 layers of glass. We usually make smaller volumes of resin and catalyst as it is more time consuming and difficult to lay some complicated pond designs.

Once we have laid down 2 layers of fibreglass we use a specific top coat called an isophalic top coat. This top coat is designed specifically for ponds because it is a stronger waterproof top coat.

After the top coat has cured, which takes around 30-60 mins (depending on the sun and the volume of catalyst used). You then have to wait several weeks until all the styrene has left the fibreglass.

fibreglass-pond-waterfallFibreglass takes around 3 days to cure properly, however most of the curing is done within the 1 hour mark ~ 90 percent.

This means that the worker is able to put a second layer on, if required, sand paper any rough edges, green trim around specific pond structures and gel coat all on a solid surface.

GRP Fibreglass-roof-6-standard-coloursThere are many different colours of top coat however most popular for ponds are usually green or black. Most common is British racing green for a more natural feel, or black is a good colour for quite shallow nature ponds as it gives the illusion of depth.

All materials used by The Fibreglass Specialist are of the finest quality. We only source materials manufactured by the top companies in the industry, all of whom have both an excellent track record and faultless reputation.

Whatever your garden project, we are able to help.
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