grp-fibreglass-roofing-Flat-roof Felt Roof AlternativeFelt Roof Alternative

Traditionally, flat roofs have been made using a felt covering but these have had issues which lead many people to look for a felt roof alternative.

Some of the issues of felt flat roofs

• Poor workmanship
• Insufficient tilt for drainage
• Leaks
• Cracks plus other wear due to the British weather
• Punctures and blistering
• Becomes unsightly as time goes by
GRP Fibreglass Roofing Bristol - Before and AfterDue to these and other issues, felt flat roofs are typically only guaranteed for 10 years.
This time soon goes by and it is time for another replacement to be installed. This is when many people will begin to look for a felt roof alternative, particularly in relation to flat roofs.

Fibreglass Flat Roof GRP Roofing Felt Roof AlternativeOne excellent felt roof alternative is a fibreglass or GRP (glass reinforced plastic) finish, which does cost a little more than felt roofing but it is cost-effective and worth the extra. It will pay for itself over the extended expected useful life cycle of the material.


Benefits of using fibreglass/GRP roofing as a felt roof alternative

Some of the benefits of using fibreglass/GRP roofing as a felt roof alternative are:
• Guaranteed for 20 years but can last up to 40+ years
• Flexible and durable
• Weatherproof – which is very important in the UK!
• A fibreglass roof will not suffer from rain, snow,  frost or sunlight like a felt roof would
• Strong and tough: can be walked upon without damage
• Can easily be made fire resistant/retardant
• Corrosion resistant
• Lightweight
• Has an attractive finish and is available in a large range of colours
• Cost effective in the long-term
• Environmental benefits when compared to felt roofs

fibreglass gully grp roofThese are some of the main reasons why people looking for a felt roof alternative ultimately decide to go for GRP / fibreglass roofing instead. The finish is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it will stay looking good for a very, very long time!

Bristol GRP Roofing is your local expert if you would like to consider using a fibreglass roof as a felt roof alternative. We are happy to discuss your needs and give you a quotation with no obligation whatsoever. Contact us here for further information.


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