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Bristol-GRP-Fibreglass-Roofing-SpecialistsBristol GRP Roofing” is a family business based in Bristol. With detailed product knowledge, many years experience in the industry and a strong desire to help others, we are your first port of call when looking for Fibreglass and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) solutions.

Formerly a Chemist, Steve Sherbourne built up extensive knowledge and experience of the fibreglass industry over a period of 20+ years, before starting his own business and imparting his vast knowledge to son, Gavin. In addition, Steve teaches courses on how to use fibreglass.

As a business, Bristol GRP Roofing have taken on many jobs including:

  • Fibreglassing roofs (Especially flat roofs and non-traditional roofs)
  • Fibreglassing the deck of a boat
  • Garden ponds, waterfalls etc.
  • Driveways
  • Wet Rooms
  • Water tanks
  • Repairs / Bespoke work

Repairs are common and we can make specialist molds for one–off fibreglass applications. For example, we have made an ink tray drip for industrial inking machines and we have made motorbike body casings out of fibreglass. We also have made an elevator lift shaft out of a mold off-site and transported it to the site.

Whatever your requirements, Bristol GRP Roofing will help you find a suitable solution.

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About Fibreglass

GRP Weave Glass Reinforced PlasticFibreglass is a composite of glass fibres and polyester resin. The resin is catalysed and then rolled onto pre-cut glass fibres.
Usually 1 – 3 percent of the resin volume is the amount of catalyst you need, depending on the weather. If it is sunny, using a lower catalyst volume is a good idea. The fibres are wet through and it takes several minutes to break the bonds down. Once the glass fibres have broken down the next stage is to roll out any air bubbles using a consolidator. That is it! That part of the area is now fibreglassed. You then continue the process until the entire area is fibreglassed.

Within 30 – 60 mins, the fibreglass should have all cured.
The next stage is to apply top coat to the fibre glass surface. The top coat is catalysed using the same volume before, 1% – 3% based on weather conditions. This is then applied as a layer on top of the surface. It should not be painted on, as you do need a sufficient coating on top, painting can lead to thinly covered areas.

Bristol-Green-Roofing-FibreglassFibreglass green roofing is an exciting new product that is taking off in the commercial world of roofs. Before manly industrial companies had the luxury of having green roofs, yet now it is becoming popular as an alternative to the normal roof on a garage for example. We specialist in a green roofing alterative as the fibreglass provides a solid underneath platform to then place any underlay and green roofing materials on top.

Many homeowners have a driveway. This is a fact and if you don’t have a driveway and own a car you have probably thought if it was possible to get one in your front garden before. There are a great many driveway options available to you:
Gravel – which just ends up getting kicked everywhere
Brick or block paving: this will over time suffer like all brick or block paving with weeds, dips, cracks, etc,
Tarmac or concrete – the best option so far, yet it tends to look boring!
All your neighbours or anyone walking down the street see is a sea of black or grey in the front garden.

Fibreglass driveways Gravel Finishes
Choice of Finishes for Polyurethane Resin Driveways

Here we have another option for you to consider. There is product, which we have specialist training on how to use. It is called a polyurethane resin.
We simply mix the resin compound with a selection of aggregate for you to choose, then lay it down on your driveway like concrete. It will cure within 30 – 1 hour and there is your finished surface.
It will have the same durability and long lifetime as tarmac and may be the envy of your neighbours or it will just give you something nice to look at.

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