Bristol GRP Roofing & Fibreglass Services

(The Best Alternative to Felt Roofing)

grp-roofing-fibreglass-Flat-roofGRP Roofing overcomes the problems of traditional felt roofs, which are prone to leaking because of the simple fact that they are based on tar or bitumen. This is fine for short periods of time but in the long term, they are broken down by the British weather.

Due to the constant heating and cooling of the material, cracks are caused and leaks occur as a consequence.

Would you build a pond or boat out of felt?

No! Of course not… Then why felt a flat roof? If you want it to remain watertight, then use fibreglass instead!

Why GRP / Fibreglass Roofing ?

Fibreglass was invented in the USA in the 1950s and fibreglass boats really hit the market in the 1960s. And some of them are still floating in the harbours around the UK today. So it makes perfect sense to use GRP / Fibreglass for laying a flat roof.

GRP Weave Glass Reinforced PlasticA fibreglass roof is laid-in on site, so it is built to your exact roof measurements, no matter how complicated the roof.
It has no joins, so therefore no leaks.

Once laid, a GRP / Fibreglass roof is strong enough to walk on, put a ladder on, work on and even use as a first floor patio!
You can choose any colour and even incorporate a non slip finish if required. Plus there is a choice of UPVC or fibreglass trims, whichever suits your property.

Bristol-Green-Roofing-FibreglassDo you want a green roof?

Then fibreglass is the best solution to go under the complex green roof layers, knowing it will never fail. Learn more about GRP & Fibreglass Green Roofing

Had lead stolen from your roof?

Then fibreglass it instead!
Special artificial lead colouring and false lead joints make it look just like the real thing, and only you would know!

Why felt your roof again and again… (every 8-10 years) when you could GRP/Fibreglass it instead and forget about it!

GRP Fibreglass Roofing Bristol - Before and After

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